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Care & Maintenance

  • Durability

Natural Granite and Engineered Quartz have a high resistance to scratching and marking, making them the perfect choice for any indoor or outdoor project.

Granite is composed of mainly Feldspar and Quartz and Quartz worktops are made from Quartz mineral and a polymer resin giving them both exceptional resistance to scratches.However, minerals of equal rating can scratch each other, for this reason we strongly advise you not to place granite chopping boards or pan stands on your new tops.

Whilst granite is extremely hard wearing, it can be damaged and common sense should be the watchword. A  degree of care needs to be taken around the sink area, for example, where heavy pots and pans may cause chipping if bumped into the sink edge. The use of a chopping board is recommended, as over time, without protection, continued chopping in the same spot will impact the appearance of the surface.

Whilst customers love the durability of Granite standing on your worktops to paint the ceiling or change light bulbs, or hitting it whilst practicing your golf swings on rainy Sundays could result in irreversible damage!

  • Cleaning

Generally, granite and engineered quartz do not easily stain. Whilst water spills will dry leaving no marks, liquids such as oils, red wines, beetroot vinegar or any substance with a high dye content should be wiped up as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining. A degree of care is all that is required.

Some granite colours are more absorbent than others, and we will seal our granite with an anti stain sealant, to provide a barrier for everyday kitchen use. At time of installation we  polish the worktops with a stone cleaner and  we recommend customers use a stone cleaner once a month to help maintain the colour and shine. We can supply the cleaner if required.

  • Generally, substances that should not be used near natural granites or engineered quartz (e.g. Silestone) are:

Hydrochloric/Nitric /Sulphuric/Formic Acid,
Nail Polish remover
Caustic soda
Paint strippers
Cleaning solutions containing trichlorethane or methylene or dimetilchlorine.
Highly aggressive cleaning agents like oven/grill cleaners that have high alkaline/PH levels.

If any of the above contaminates are spilled on the surface rinse off immediately with plenty of water to minimise their effect.

Stone worktops should not be rubbed with abrasive materials such as metal pads, scouring pads or wire wool.



On a day-to-day basis natural granite or engineered quartz worktops simply require a wipe down with a soft cloth soaked in soap (or neutral detergent) and warm water to maintain its natural beauty and shine.  We recommend then buffing dry using a soft clean cloth or kitchen roll. 



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